Caltex assistance fund for franchisee employees

Caltex Australia Limited has established an assistance fund for franchisee employees who have not been paid their full entitlements by Caltex franchisees.

While Caltex has no liability to pay franchisee employee entitlements, the fund has been established because Caltex wants to do the right thing by franchisee employees.

Caltex has been part of Australian corporate life for more than 115 years and cares deeply about doing the right thing, including by paying fair and reasonable wages.

The fund allows franchisee employees to claim wage underpayments for the period from 1 January 2015 to date. When franchisees are exited from the Caltex network due to wage underpayment or non-compliance with Caltex audit requirements, employees and former employees have three months to make a claim from the date the franchisee exited the network.

Where franchisees had already exited the network at 31 May 2017, current and former franchisee employees have until 31 August 2017 to make a claim.

If you believe you may have been underpaid and would like to make a claim, click here.

If you would like to make an inquiry, click here.

Caltex’s privacy policy applies to the information you submit in relation to a claim under the Caltex Franchisee Employee Assistance Fund.

The independent claims manager and administrator PKF(NS) Audit and Assurance Limited Partnership (ABN 91 850 861 839) (PKF) and Echelon Australia (ABN 96 085 720 056) (Echelon) will have access to your personal information you submit via the website or via post for the purposes of the fund. Click here to access the policy.